User Types Overview
  • 25 Sep 2023
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User Types Overview

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User Types

AlertOps has three User Types: Standard User, Billing Admin, and Stakeholder. User types cannot be changed once a user is created.  Standard user roles can be changed, but not user types, hence Standard, Billing Admin, and Stakeholder cannot be changed

Standard User

A Standard User Type is used for anyone utilizing the platform to receive notifications, respond to alerts, or configure the platform. This user type can be one of various out-of-the box roles provided with AlertOps. Alternatively, they can also be assigned custom roles configured within the platform. A standard user can be assigned a User Role, which provides them with specific entitlements and access.

Billing Admin

The Billing Admin Type is useful for allowing administration of AlertOps without consuming a User license.  Such users cannot create or respond to alerts, and only have access to the Account Settings in the UI.


The Stakeholder Type is considered a "non-interactive user", meaning that they can receive notifications from alerts, however, they have no ability to respond or modify the alert.

Setting the User Type

  1. Navigate to Configurations and select Users.
  2. Click on + ADD USER in the top right corner.
  3. Enter Username and Email of the user  
  4. Enter the First Name and Last Name.
  5. Select the User Type, by default Standard User is selected. Here you will designate the user type from the 3 choices above.
  6. Select User Role from the dropdown list. For stakeholder and billing you do not have the option to select a user role. 
  7. Click Submit, the User is added

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