• 20 Jun 2024
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Integrating N-able N-central with AlertOps via email allows for streamlined and efficient incident management by leveraging the capabilities of both platforms. This integration ensures that alerts generated in N-central are automatically forwarded and processed by AlertOps, facilitating timely and accurate notifications to the appropriate teams. By configuring email settings, notification profiles, and parsing rules, organizations can maintain robust IT operations, reduce manual intervention, and enhance response times to critical incidents. This guide provides detailed steps to set up and optimize the email integration, ensuring a seamless flow of incident alerts between N-central and AlertOps.

Setting Up AlertOps

1. Access AlertOps:

  • Log in to your AlertOps account.
  • Navigate to the Integrations section.

2. Configure Inbound Email Integration:

  • Select Email Integration and select the 'Add E-mail button'.
  • From the Templates 
  • Select N-Able N-Central
  • Enter a unique name for this integration and select an escalation policy.
  • Specify the recipient users or groups who will receive alerts.
  • Select your default Escalation Policy and Save
  • Copy your E-mail Integration Address from AlertOps after Saving.

Setting Up N-central

1. Access N-central:

  • Log in to your N-central account as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the Administration section and select PSA Integrations.

2. Configure PSA Integration Settings

  • Select Custom
  • Enter your Password
  • Paste your Copied AlertOps Integration Mailbox

3. Configure Ticketing Settings

  • Once you've saved your PSA Integration, navigate to PSA Integration > Ticketing
  • Click Add to Add Ticketing Recipient
  • Enter a Name and paste your AlertOps E-mail Address again
  • Add the Associated Notification Profiles
  • Save your Custom PSA Ticketing Recipient

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate N-central with AlertOps via email, ensuring a seamless flow of incident alerts and notifications between the two systems. This setup allows for efficient incident management, leveraging the strengths of both platforms to maintain robust IT operations.

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