Live Call Routing Walkthrough
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Live Call Routing Walkthrough

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How Do I Get Live Call Routing?

You must contact AlertOps Support at to have a Live Call Routing phone number provisioned.

You can find more information on how to add call routing to your account here.

Live Call Routing Walk-through

The Live Call Routing feature enables live phone calls from customers to be forwarded directly to your on-call team.  If no one is available to answer, allow callers to leave a voicemail, and create an alert to notify your team.

  1. A phone number is assigned as a support number to your account by our Support team at your request.
  2. A customer calls the support number, and the call is transferred to your designated Support team. In the case of multiple teams, an auto-attendant is available.
  3. Using the Group Schedule, the call is routed to your on-call team in sequence, moving through Primary and Secondary members.
  4. The call will be transferred to the phone number of the designated User.  If a User has more than one phone configured, the system will attempt to transfer to each phone before moving to the next User in the rotation.
  5. When the User answers their phone, the system informs them there is a caller on the line, and to press 1 to accept the call.  This prevents the caller from going to the User's voice mail.
  6. If the User does not accept the call (press 1), the system will move to the next phone for that User, and then to the next User, until someone accepts the call. When the last phone has been tried, the caller is offered the opportunity to leave a voice mail.
  7. If the caller leaves a voice mail, an alert is created and routed to the on-call team. The alert will use whichever communication methods are configured to reach the team, including SMS, Push, Email, Chat, or another phone call.  The caller's number is displayed in the alert, the voice mail is stored on our servers, and a link is provided to the team to review the message.
  8. Optional: You can bypass the live transfer and send the caller directly to voicemail to create an alert.  Or, you can have the alert created when the call arrives, even if no voice mail is left.  Each system message the caller or the responder hears is customizable and can be replaced with an audio file. Different languages can be used to read messages to the caller/responder.

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